I have been working with Janet for many years and have come to rely on her good eye, honest advice, exquisite taste, superb organizational skills, and joyful demeanor to help me make the best art and interior design decisions for my Chicago and Lake Forest homes. Our work together has ranged from selecting and framing art, interior design advice, reviewing architectural plans, and staging my homes for parties and events. I look forward to working with her for many years to come!
— Lisa, Chicago and Lake Forest residences

Janet’s sharp curator’s eye transformed my shelves – full of lovely pieces handed down to me by my grandmother – from a jumbled mess to an artistic collection. In addition to helping me edit and refine the space, she added unique and beautiful items from her own inventory, pieces you simply can’t find anywhere else. She also has great depth of knowledge of ‘outsider’ and fine art.
— Chris, Roscoe Village residence

Janet truly has a gift for transforming space into a beautiful visual work of art. She knows just the right pieces to add to make the whole space work. Janet incorporated some of my vintage antique items that were very sentimental while infusing other carefully curated items which added just the right touch. On top of her talent, Janet is a pleasure to work with and is extremely thoughtful in her process. I highly recommend her for any interior decor needs!
— Joanna, Lakeview residence

I have found Janet not only professional, but also a genuine person that really cares about what I think and want. Her ideas and taste have always been spot on for me. The name of her business does little to exemplify what a “good eye” she really has to detail, current trends and what is to come. Her ability to select just the right piece will add not only beauty to your home or office, but it will be something you’ll love forever.
— Amy, East Lake Shore Drive coop

As far back as I can remember, Janet has always had a “good eye”. Just one visit from her and she would eye my living space – make adjustments or add one of her found pieces and totally transform my home. Not only did it look amazing – it made me feel happy and your home should always make you feel comfortable and happy. Whenever guests come over they marvel at my art collection that I’ve purchased through Janet. She also finds really cool found objects of art. Janet will not only reimagine your space – she is also a true pleasure to be around. Very caring and thoughtful.
— Linda, Roscoe Village residence

I completed construction of custom built-in bookcases within a small, transitional room that would function as a dining room, but also a library and study. Rather than fill these with books as I had initially intended, Janet brought them to life with a combination of objects, sculpture, heirlooms, and antiques. She even lent me some of her personal collection for a time while I built up my own. This is the first room in my home that a guest sees, and has received one compliment after the next. It’s nice to have a friend with “a good eye.
— Amy, Lakeview Penthouse

Janet was my college roommate freshman year at Miami University. With my oversized blue study pillow from Sears on my bed and preppy handbook by my side, I sat in awe of her as she re-arranged our dorm room over and over again with her own creations and collectables, telling a love story about each and everyone of them. Coming from a tiny town, she opened my eyes to the art of discovery and the courage it took to be an outlier. Recently, after 25+ years, we reconnected as she opened up her lovely (self-created) home in Roscoe Village to a friend and me for the weekend. Voila, there it was again! Her incredible talent and generous heart! Seriously...if you are in need of a “good-eye” for those bookshelves or blank walls in your home (without all the fancy), Janet is perfect. She’s also an incredible cook...but unfortunately, I don’t see those services listed on her website.
— Betsy