Janet Joseph

Style Consultant & Founder

Janet Joseph is the founder of A Good Eye, a Chicago based home decor company.  As a young girl, Janet had numerous rotating collections (bird nests, rocks, figurines, stuffed animals) and constantly rearranged her bric-a-brac on her bedroom shelves. You name it, Janet most likely collected it. Her Barbies were the best dressed on the block (Janet designed and made their clothes) and they had the hippest homes (aka their carrying cases) where she installed mini chandeliers, added wall art and made custom furniture. Nothing but the best for Barbie and Ken.

Janet discovered early on how important it was to surround yourself with beauty. It didn’t have to cost much and … it just felt right.

Her love for collecting carried into adulthood. Over the years, Janet would edit her collection as she built it. It’s always been a mixed bag: antiques from her travels, found objects, art purchased directly from artists and art dealers alike. That’s what makes it interesting and alluring. Her collection is never dull, it isn't cluttered.  It is possible to collect and not have clutter. You just need guidance.

Upon seeing art and collectibles placed throughout Janet's home, friends would enlist her help in building and displaying their collections. They wanted to inject some excitement into their home; they needed help creatively filling their built-in shelves and finding art for their bare walls. Janet worked under the radar for years, lending her good eye to homes through the Chicagoland area.

In 2017, Janet decided to formally turn her passion into a business. A Good Eye. Her goal? To help others surround themselves with beauty. Join her in this movement by requesting an in-home consultation. You’ll be happy you did.